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Thread: 1" Thick wall diffuser in 7/8" thin wall blade?

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    Default 1" Thick wall diffuser in 7/8" thin wall blade?

    Hi All, I seem to remember seeing or reading somewhere that the blade diffuser for the 1" Thick wall blades will also fit the 7/8" thin wall blades. Does anyone know if this is true?

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    Yes, kind of. Some of the 7/8" bladestock stocked by TCSS has a slightly smaller ID than a 1" thick-walled. They work just fine, but sometimes I have had to sand the 1" thick walled adapter, sand the outside with 400 grit sandpaper until it fits inside the 7/8" blade. Clean the diffuser before test fitting it. Sanding the diffuser will only aid in your diffusion anyway. I have built 6 7/8" blades using this method. I have also built transwhite, and not used strip diffuser. Good luck.


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    Thanks Tom! Once again I see you as a master and I, but a padawan.

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    I recently ordered a trans-white 7/8" blade and asked for them to ship it with 1" thick walled diffuser in it. It fit for me.

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    Order them at the same time and we will make sure they fit.. order them separate and there is a chance they wont.
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