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    Hello everyone! I'm new to saber building and have just finished my first built and I had a question about wiring. I'm going to start out with a simple saber with no sound, so I'll need a latching switch, and because of the style I'm going for, I want to use an AV switch to fit in the box I bought, which of course only come as LED switches.
    My question is this: As I wish to keep the wiring easy, I'm going to use the MWS, and I'd rather not use the LED in the switch, is it possible to wire the switch up normally and leave the LED wires, with the MSW plug, unconnected? Or will that inhibit the switches function? Thanks to anyone who can answer!

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    Is possible to wire up the switch while NOT wiring up the switch LED. The LED won’t affect the switches operation at all.
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    That's what I was hoping for, thank you!

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