Hey folks, I wanted some feedback on my first build. I've tried to go for a graflex-inspired aesthetic that carries some of the "built out of random stuff" style of the OT sabers. I'd love feedback on both my parts list and the construction itself. I have no experience with any machining or electrical so have no idea if what I'm planning is even feasible. I haven't gotten a quote for the shroud or the powder-coating yet, but depending on how those come out it might adjust my plans somewhat.

Something to note is that this won't have any electronics to start - I'm getting the shell together and will be upgrading it slowly over time to spread out the cost a bit. Along with that, I'm waiting on a blade and will fill the gap with a plug as a display piece. Anyway, here's the list and concept.

All parts are TCSS

Parts List:
Blade Holder 19 [PC: Brass or Copper]
Ribbed V-grooved Extension
Short Choke 1 [PC: Brass or Copper]
4” Double Female Groved Ext [PC: Solar Flat Black]
Pommel 7
Pommel Insert 12
Bunny Ears [PC: Brass]
MHS Sleeve Material 12”, cut to graflex shape
24 8-32 x 1/8” Screws
2 4-40 socket head screws for bunny ears
MPS Clip
8 O-rings
Kill plug 5, silver
2.1mm power jack
16mm AV momentary, stainless
8-32 x 3/8” Brass thumb screw
Super lube
1” Hilt safety plug 2