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Thread: NBV4 - Sound File Quantity

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    The original fonts in banks 1-2 only had 8 that came with the board from TCSS but the board is definitely a NBV4 when looking at it. At first I wondered if maybe the wrong OS was loaded on to it but then if it had the NBV3 OS on it it wouldn't be able to do the 3 banks from my understanding. Is there a way to check the OS on these boards?

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    No. If it says NB v4, then it’s at least a NB v4. I don’t remember if they just flashed over the same hardware for 4.5 or not.
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    I didn't know there was a NBV4.5 out there.

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    Hey Loccusst

    So I played around a bit with the Fulcrum soundfont tonight & I *want* to say I got all 16 swing swing sounds. Honestly I found it hard to differentiate the higher-pitched ones from one another... I downloaded the one I have a while ago so a newer version might have files labelled as “lswing” or “hswing” that are triggered by more / less forceful swings (NBv4 does this I think???).

    Does the pitch of the swing sound shift when swinging more forcefully?

    - Steve


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