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Thread: Basic crystal chamber build

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    Default Basic crystal chamber build

    What's up everybody! Iv been racking my mind for months on how to get my crystal chamber started for my next saber build.. Iv read every post and every topic with the words "crystal chamber" in them haha. I wanted to get all my parts from the shop but being impatient and determined to make a step forward everyday and ended up just building one from hardware store parts. But the shell is a TCSS extension with slots style 3. I wanted to share some pictures to get y'all's thoughts on what u think. It's hard to see but iv lined up my brass tubing where there is only a little bit showing at the bottom and top of each slots in the MHS peice. It's hard to see from the pictures but the crystal will be fully visible between each slot. I'm still waiting on my led bezels to get here so I can mount my crystal. I also already have my RGB 5mm led wired up..I hope my link to the pictures works!
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    Looks great.

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    Looking good!

    Also, can I just say, props to you on using Imgur as your image host. After using it as much as I did for my first build, I can't imagine using anything else. If I knew who to speak to about it, I'd suggest making it the recommended external host for images. Now that Photobucket is having the issues it has (I can't tell you how many broken links I've seen over the past year). It's robust, it's simple, and it would seem to be here to stay as long as Reddit exists.

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    If you paste the BBcode for the particular picture in the Forum, it should work. 😉
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    Djmehs definitely..imgur is so easy too use I love I've it


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