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    Just finished this Crystal Chamber saber. The inner chassis slides out. It has a MHS-V1 style 6 speaker holder attached to an adapter of my own design that holds a Switchcraft 2.1mm charge port, and is attached to the crystal chamber I designed and fabricated. Thanks to Darth Chasm for the conduit going through the chamber, I use that all the time to hide wires. The crystal is a natural Quartz and has a common cathode accessory RGB LED at the base a.. mounted in 5 min epoxy. I am using a TCSS LED heat sink that holds a Cree XP-E2 RGB LED. Also connected two TCSS 12mm LED Momentary AV switches. The saber has a Prizm V5.1 chip. 1BCC0ABC-595C-469E-B129-0B56E1335ED0.jpg4F3CBFA8-9C05-41AC-B512-A140A60A1D17.jpg43F7CF45-BA8F-497B-8B26-8E2BBD12D6A3.jpg1584139F-0E69-4FBB-8849-335F60CFD5A9.jpg583D8829-2164-4169-B5F9-4C63866EA8EA.jpg31685670-C40B-4EAA-BA15-0FC0DE1ECDEC.jpgF7391238-766C-4FCE-BB63-997268E9BCF0.jpg8EBE0A22-0F95-439E-BDD3-28354DC6D027.jpgF336B520-D964-4D6F-85A4-335B6F57DB2D.jpg

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    Awesome saber K6gad!!!! I likey.


    "Let the past die."

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    Thanks Tom! This was a fun build... up to the part where it wouldn’t fire...��
    Figured out my battery was 1-1.5mm too short. Bent the neg end of the holder and added a bead of solder to the pos
    and it finally came to life... thought it was hence the name...

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    Lazarus? lol. The saber looks really cool.


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