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    Hi all. I would like to build a (small) saber for my two year old. I have a hilt made out of a 1.25" sink tube, and it is too large for him to comfortable hold. I'd like to figure out how I can make a hilt that is as narrow as possible.... without doing any machining of my own (I don't have the equipment or the timel but I'm willing to pay...)

    I'd go with a LED hilt with a 3/4" blade, a simple resister for the LED (white + filters), and the tube ideally would be just slightly larger...

    Would anyone be able to help me navigate what parts might work? Would the LEDs even possibly fit; or is a 1.25" sink tube the limit for them?

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    Have you thought about modifying a small flashlight? There are 12 different colored discs on the TCSS store connected to this site, and several sizes of polycarbonate tube. Maybe use some PVC pipe to make a blade holder. Just a suggestion.....

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    How about mhs V2 pieces?

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    k6gad's suggestion would probably be one of the easiest and affordable routes to take. Especially if the goal isn't to have something fancy, flashy, expensive, or breakable yet.

    Seth's suggestion would be the fun "custom" route but might be a little more costly if you think they might outgrow it and want something different in a couple years anyway.

    Both are excellent options and I can't think of anything else I'd consider.

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    I initially shied away from the idea of a flashlight saber. The ones I found online looked so dumb. Just a flashlight with a blade holder attached...

    And a MHSv2 is still too large.

    But what I settled on is putting a flashlight into a 1" copper pipe and I'm going to decorate and customize from there. I plan to post a build pic thread sometime in the next couple months with how it turns out; and you might see it at Celebration in Chicago in Saturday Thanks for the suggestions and guidance!

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    For those who find this thread later, I did succeed in making a smaller diameter, flashlight-based saber, and posted about it in an imgur gallery:

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    I would take a look at the Yoda Y3 hilts out there...holds a 3/4 inch blade and looks super small...definitely seems like a modified tricree and NB board from tcss would be all that would fit. Yoda is about the size of a 2 year old!


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