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Thread: NBV4 speaker rattle

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    Default NBV4 speaker rattle

    Hello everyone..I'm having an issue with my NBV4 assembly setup..I believe the speaker is rattling around in the speaker mount causing it to make a really annoying rattle. The speaker isn't blown because when I pull it out of the hilt and slightly squeeze my hand around the speaker mount the rattling stops and it sounds great. Does anyone know if there is a way to secure the speaker firmly without having to take the hole thing apart? None of my hex keys are working on the little nut that seems to hole the speaker mount on. I was thinking about trying to super glue the outter rim of the speaker down but wanted everyone's advice before I did so. Any help would be appreciated..thanks!

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    I glue all my speakers in, you should be fine to do that if you’re sure it’s not the speaker itself.

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    Yea I usually glue them in too but this one is already in the mount as it is the NBV4 assembly which came with the speaker already wired and mounted. But it definitely is loose and rattling around from the bass speaker itself rattling everything. So I'm trying to figure out how to glue it steady without having to pop it out of the mount completely.

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    Which speaker is it? I would imagine the premium speaker as I doubt the others could rattle. If you have a gel type super glue (just to be sure you do not accidentally get it on the cone or something) that is what I would try.
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    A little poster putty would also do the trick, and you'd be able to remove the speaker if it ever became necessary to replace it.
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    Cool thanks everyone for the replies!


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