Hi all, its been a really really looooong time since I was last here. (Like 10 years, as you can probably tell from my avatar and sig,)

Anyway, SW Celebration is happening in my backyard this year, so I figured I should probably get my sabers up and running. Ive been digging up all my old saber gear, as it was scattered in strange hiding places, stashed away throughout my apartment. It looks like I got a bunch of stuff to work with, but it all has to be rewired, cuz it was stored haphazardly and all the electrical tape like rotted off. So some of the connections broke.

Anyway, I think Id like to replace the Lux 3 LEDs I have with some of the newer brighter ones, but Im not sure what else I would need to make the new ones compatible.

My current setup uses an MR sound board, but I think I will leave that out of this build as sound will not be important at the Con. I was thinking of doing just a simple set up of LED->Resistor->4AAA battery pack->Switch

My question is, if I want a super bright Sithy Red LED, and super bright cool Blue LED, 1: will the 4AAA battery pack be sufficient? and 2: which of the LED models should I get and with which resistor (the one I currently have is 5W)?

Thanks all!