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    Hey all, I'm doing a repair for a customer right now. Soundboard is a Spark 2. Saber wouldn't turn on, I found that a bad switch was the cause, or so I thought at that point. I replaced the switch, and it works. I think it's set until I notice something I didn't before: When you either plug in the charger or remove the micro sd card, the saber won't fire back up when I unplug the charger or reinsert the sd card. At that point, I have to reconnect one of the battery connections for it to work again. I tried taking the recharge port out of the equation, but that's not the issue as it did the same thing.

    Tonight I completely removed all connections to the board (LED's, switches, you name it.) I fully cleaned everything, then reconnected the speaker. I then connected the battery and inserted the micro sd card. It started up. I remove the sd card then reinsert and it doesn't turn back on. Disconnect/reconnect battery, it starts up just fine.

    Anyone every experience something like this? Maybe something Spark 2's are known for? When I first received the saber I checked out the connections on the board, and noticed that the recharge port was wired only to the positive connection. The negative and switch connections were completely bypassed which is just bad. No ground = things go boom. I'm hoping that the way the charge port was wired didn't break something in one of the PCB layers, as the board looks fine externally. The way it's acting tells me it's not draining power, but hopefully I'm just overlooking something...

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    Your best bet would be to ask this question over on the FX-Sabers forum. 😉
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