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    Hello there...

    as stated in my introductional post a few days back, here is the list of parts i have found out that i would need for my first build. I plan it to be an 'ANH' Graflex with an 1" blade holder. I have a hilt resting in customs currently here in Germany Curious on how long i should wait until they decide to forward it to my location.

    However, before i place more orders for all the parts, i would like to have an experienced builder a look over the list to make sure i didn't miss anything.

    TCSS Shop Items
    Graflex 1" Blade Holder
    NeoPixel PCB connector and pin set V2
    NeoPixel Hilt Side Adapter V2
    Switchcraft 2.1mm Recharge Port
    Either Saber Essentials 28mm Stealth V2 Speaker or Bass speaker - Would like to choose the better alround solution.
    D-Ring belt mount
    8-32 x 1/8" Set screw 2x

    G.O.T.H. 3Designs Knight Chassis
    3D printed Kyber crystal
    Graflex Clamp Switches holder
    2-Pin SMD Tactile Switch
    5mm LED either blue or rgb
    ProffieBoard v1.5
    Panasonic NCR18650B Li-Ion 3.7 V 3400 mAh
    Brass Rods
    Acrylic Colors Gold/Silver
    32 AWG PTFE 6m different colors
    24 AWG PTFE 1m red
    24 AWG PTFE 1m black

    As you can possibly already tell, i want this build to use use a NeoPixel blade. I just did not finally decided on if i should build one on my own, or i should not bother with that and just buy a completed which is duel ready. The Li-Ion, i will have to buy here in a shop within the country as i seem to be not allowed to import these types of batteries. I am also not sure about the NeoPixel adapters that are available at the store. Any advice here would be great!
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