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Thread: SA22C's fourth saber

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    I've done a few installs now, all Korbanth/Parks hilts (Graflex, K4 and LS6) and I got the itch to build an MHS next. Here's what I came up with:

    The component parts are pommel 4 with cubes, grenade section, 2 inch female-female extension, LS6 V2 clamp, short style 1 choke, blade holder 25 and a hand-cut Graflex-style shroud (from a chromed sink tube.)

    I decided early on that I wanted a utilitarian style hilt with some medium weathering, denoting a old saber in regular use. For the 'black' sections, I used Rustoleum Metal Effects ‘Rubbed Bronze.’ Then I used the spray and wipe technique on the weathered sections. I’ve still got some more weathering to apply around the emitter but I might switch to a brown paint for a more dirt/rust effect.

    Activation/AUX is handled by the clamp, which features a Goth 3D switch holder. Inside, I'm using a Saberforge chassis from Spectre 66 on Etsy (it fits perfectly in the grenade section's reduced ID.) Light/sound is provided by a Proffieboard with my own fork of ProffieOS, SaberEssentials 2W 28mm bass speaker, a Solo's Hold battery, 2.1 recharge port and TCSS Neopixel hilt and blade adapters. The blade is a Kyberlight thick-walled with a drilled out tip for better illumination. Inside I've got standard 5050 neopixels and the overall effect is pretty good. I'll probably disassemble this blade and trim the strips to reduce shadowing but it's pretty minimal. I've also converted the TCSS Graflex-style bladeplug with an additional blade-side connector and some spare pixels, so it lights up nicely.
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    Looks great man! Nice arrangement of parts. I’m still a sucker for the grenade section.

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    Great saber! I have a length of that sink tube and have never used it, perhaps I will now.
    Also thanks again for your work on the Proffie code it's working great!

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    Awesome job Matt!!!!! Its a reversed MK1 from MHS. Awesome!

    "Let the past die."

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    Don't know how I missed this thread, but I love it!


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