What's good saber enthusiasts?! I new to saber building, the forum, and need some confirmation/advice on my choice of resistors and wiring for my LED. The plan is to use a Tri-Cree Dr,Dr,G with a Nano Biscotte v4 and running the two Deep red LEDs in parallel for a Red blade(placing it on the L1) and Green FOC(on the L2.)

Dr runs 2.5 @ 1a
G runs 3.7 @ 1a
18650 Battery 3.7

I took Madcows advice and rounded the battery voltage to 4 for when its in full charge and came up with: Dr = 1.5ohm 1.5W G= .3ohm .3W

For the green LED I was going to get a .3ohm 1w resistor https://www.thecustomsabershop.com/3...tor-P1405.aspx
And a 1.5ohm 5w resistor for each deep red LED https://www.thecustomsabershop.com/1...istor-P13.aspx

Will these suffice? If there is anything else I should provided let me know so I can help you help me haha any advice is greatly appreciate!