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    I've never had a lightsaber so I have no experience with anything.

    Are the skinny strip neopixels good enough for use indoors with curtained windows? Or should I use the normal strips as I've read that the skinny strips eliminate shadows? What are the shadows and are they really bad?

    I've seen youtube videos on how to build the neopixel blade and how to solder the blade to this metal disk that goes at the bottom of the tube. If I buy a hilt that is built for Neopixel, will I be able to just plug it in and use it? The only length offered from the website is a 32 inch neopixel and I'm wanting a 34 inch enhanced day blade, hence why I'm making my own. Will it not work if I just put it in? Would it require adjustment via programming?
    I assume if the website I'm buying from uses skinny strips I'll be forced to use skinny strips? Their neopixel hilt option only comes with a neopixel adapter, whatever that means.

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    If the saber is configured for a particular number of pixels and you install a longer strip, the end will not light up. You may want to ask how many pixels the saber is configured for and if it is possible to adjust it. If it's a 32" blade it probably uses 120 pixels and 34 will need 125. (Assuming you mean the illuminated portion of the blade)

    I don't believe skinny strips are the way to go. The spacing is greater making a stronger "cobbing" effect, which is harder to account for than the shadow and more obvious.

    The adapter, I assume, is how the blade connects to the saber and nothing more. There are different methods for this, so make sure you are using something compatible.

    "Neopixel" is a brand name used by adafruit for strips they sell using this protocol. Any LEDs using this protocol will be compatible, although the bulb types swap the red and green as compared to the other formats.

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