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Thread: Neopixel 11 pin PCB wires

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    Question Neopixel 11 pin PCB wires

    It looks like the hilt side of the PCB in the video tutorial has two + and two - wires. With the data line, that's 5 wires, but there are 7 pins. More pins and wires can carry more amps through to the Neopixel strips, right?

    Now that they make 11 pin PCBs, how many wires are gonna run off it to connect to the board?

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    More pins spreads out (and lowers) the Amperage load that flows through each of the pins.
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    I know it won't make more power than is supplied by the battery. But, if I'm understanding, more pins help supply the LED better. But, in the tutorial, it doesn't look like the last two pins were wired.

    I had wanted to use JST connectors, but I've been informed that the JSTs are not able to handle the amperage. So, can I solder more wires to the + and - of the board and put JSTs on those? At some point, it will be too much mess to fit in the saber, but I'll figure this out one problem at a time.

    Edit: I see it now in the picture. They both will use two + and two -. The pins spread it from there.
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