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Thread: What font should I use for a dragite gem

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    Default What font should I use for a dragite gem

    I'm new to the forums, this is my first post, I've ordered 2 sabers from vader's vault (one will be my son's 5th birthday
    Present, his name is Samuel L. So I got him a "mace" mace windu replica saber, the other, a rev-n elite with custom pomel to make the gripping area about 11 inches long, is for me so we can duel, cause having just 1 saber is kind of pointless) and was reading about what it takes to add sound fonts. Also watched rebel chumps' YouTube video about adding sound fonts which clued me into the fact that adding soundfonts is not trivial (involves configuration changes). Sound card in both is crystal shard 4.5. The mace will come with madcow's shatterpoint, rogue, and fates 2 sound fonts installed. The rev-n will come with saber barron's rev-n, and madcow's rogue and fates 2 installed. Btw the mace isn't on vader's vault's website yet, their store is 19 miles from my dad's house in Cumming GA and the last time I went to visit him I stopped at their store saw the mace and bought it on the spot because I knew I wouldn't be able get it later (neopixel blade for both sabers, btw), so that my son will be able to hold it when he turns 5 (in 3.5 years) I had them precision cut the grips to be smaller, so it won't quite be a replica.

    Anyway I was also hoping to cosplay as my rpg character "Elias Windrider" who has a dragite gem as his lightsaber, and was hoping one of you could point me at an appropriate sound font.

    Here's the description from the "Force and Destiny" RPG core rulebook

    Small, dull, and brittle, Dragite gems are found in the caves and caverns of the D'olop mountain range on M'haeli, an agriworld in the Expansion Region. In their natural state, dragite crystals are one of the most brittle Khyber crystals, and they produce a loud ringing when struck. Worked into a suitable lightsaber crystal, a difficult task due to the dragite gem's distressing tendency to fracture or shatter easily, it produces a blade that pulses and hums loudly. In addition to this noise, when a lightsaber equipped with a dragite gem strikes a solid target, it produces a deafening crack and a shock wave that can disorient and even cause bodily harm to its target. A dragite gem is a lightsaber crystal.

    I was kind of hoping for a sound font with a hum that sounds kind of like low rolling thunder.

    The character, Elias Windrider, is a Ysanna (primitive inhabitant of Ossus descended from jedi who survived the cron cluster supernova)

    Thanks for your advice.

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    Ok so I've been going the massive collection on and I'm about halfway through but what do guys think of invictus
    Does anyone here have the font to know what the blaster reflects sound like?


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