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Thread: Neopixel Blade - S18500P Battery

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    Default Neopixel Blade - S18500P Battery

    Ultimate question is: Is the 18500 battery in the shop sufficient for a neopixel setup?

    I am converting a once Rebel Star into a neopixel blade, double strip with about 120 each. Running it all on a NBv4. My original saber had the 18500 battery from the shop. When testing the neo blade, it kills the battery when the blade is almost fully ignited. I then have to recharge the battery at that point. I have recharged overnight to ensure its a "full charge" with the same result. Swapping for a 18650 runs perfectly fine. Is the battery not sufficient or should i replace it? I need the smaller 18500 battery as im setting it up in a Roman's MK1 with a crystal chamber.

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    You'll want to get the 10A or 15A 18650 from the store. The standard ones can't draw enough current (in general) for a fully lit Neopixel blade.

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    Thank you for your response. Because i need the shorter battery i am going to try and source an 18500 that has the higher amperage.

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    I see. I don't know what your hilt restrictions are, but you're probably going to want to adjust the design of your hilt internals to accommodate a larger battery.

    Even if you find a 10A 18500 cell (I doubt you'll come across one), its runtime would be incredibly short. Like probably under ten minutes.

    At the end of the day if you can only fit an 18500, you might want to consider dropping the Neopixel for this build.


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