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    New here but not necessarily new to the saber world. However I am new to the whole building my own saber thing. Iv already ordered multiple MHS parts to create my hilt, and I went with the prewired NB4 setup just to make this first build a little easier on myself. I'm super excited about my build, and glad to be part of this forum. I have multiple sabers from "some other people" and have always known this was the better way to do things. I guess the other sabers just arnt doing it for me anymore. So now I'm here and I'm here to stay. Look forward to all the information and knowledge the future holds

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    Welcome to the Forums! You came to the right place!

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    I agree!! I'm disappointed in myself for not taking my time and doing this route first..I do love my sabers from elsewhere but when I think about the almost $1000 I spent on them I could have had 2 or 3 incredible sabers from TCSS parts..oh well..I was lost but now I'm found

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    Welcome to the Forums!
    All n00bs READ these first (PLEASE)!!!:
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