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Thread: Nano Biscotte V4 Assembly with JST connectors?

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    Bypass the thin neck. The pins will be in the emitter with the blade. The bullet connectors will allow me to separate the PCB from the assembly when needed.

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    By using two negatives you split the amperage between the two channels.
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    Success! I've used bullet connectors to connect all the wires accordingly. I've reset the config and override files to run Neopixel. I can use the thin neck emitter with the PCB inside the blade side and still be able to disconnect when needed to put it in another emitter or assemble the MHS parts. I've put some heat shrink around the female connectors to make sure nothing shorts out while running. It's ready to go, but I don't have my MHS hilt complete. I've not made my final decisions yet.


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