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Thread: First Hilt Wiring Check

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    Default First Hilt Wiring Check

    I'm pretty new to this hobby and new to this forum, but I'm planning on installing a Graflex hilt with a Nano Biscotte V4 and Royal Blue, Royal Blue with Red Flash on Clash Tri-Cree LED, and I just have a couple of things I want to check wiring-wise:

    I plan to use two LEDs for the crystal chamber. The first will be a bi-colour LED (red and blue) with blue being run from L3 ( the extra pad in the middle of the board) mirroring the blade. The red side of the chamber will be run in parallel with the main red LED. (My reasoning for using L3 for crystal blue rather than paralleling L2 is that L2 will already be split once to drive the two royal blue main LEDs).

    The second crystal chamber LED will be a slowly breathing one (you can buy them online that have all the breathing circuitry built-in to the actual LED - just add power). This will be fed from the power indicator pad that switches off in deep sleep mode.

    I also plan to run a blinking power indicator LED (again, one that blinks itself rather than needing the board to make it blink) from the pad that stays live in deep sleep mode.

    Below is my proposed wiring diagram plus a rough schematic of the wiring runs inside the saber.

    Do any of the saber-wise out there see any issues?
    Can the two power indicator LEDs be run at once or does the Nano only drive one or the other?
    And I'm assuming that L3 will be fine to drive the crystal accent LED without needing a power extender as the draw will be so small. Have I got that right?

    And finally my proposed resistor values are:

    Main Blue Negative (before split): 1 ohm, 5 watts
    Main Red Negative: 1.2 ohms, 4 watts

    Crystal Bi-colour Blue: 10 ohms
    Crystal Bi-colour Red: 60 ohms

    Crystal "Breathing" Blue (Power indicator): 30 ohms
    Power Indicator "Blinking" Red: 20 ohms

    Sincere thanks in advance for any thoughts or advice.
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    Are you missing one + lead on the blue die for your tri-cree?
    I’ve not tried to run two accent led from those two pads at the same time, they won’t draw much current... I think it is set up to use both.
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