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Thread: Yellow 5mm LED/switch resistor question

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    Default Yellow 5mm LED/switch resistor question

    I believe the 20mA DynaOhm would work perfectly, however, would a different resistor get me more of an "Amber" color? Does this type of LED work that way?

    OR, could I "rebuild" the switch with a 5mm RGB accent LED and run the coloring through the sound board?

    I could use any/all advice. MTFBWY

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    it's possible to do switch surgery. I convert AVs to pixels. It is unlikely you will get a different color out of the LED. You can try just changing to a resistor that would give you less power, but it will almost certainly just be dimmer.

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    Thanks. I may end up getting one from the Shop as back-up. I found essentially a "kit" version of the 5mm LED/switch (another site, forgive me) and will likely try to install a RGB LED from the Shop and wire the RGB as an accent or parallel with the blade.

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    The RGB switch in the shop isn't an independent channel LED, it's a color changing LED.

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    And..... crap. Thanks for saving me some serious ranting and throwing things. I saw the four leads and got ahead of myself.


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