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Thread: Noob Greetings from Oklahoma

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    Smile Noob Greetings from Oklahoma

    Glad to be apart of something so near and dear to my heart. Hoping to learn from the collective wisdom of others and contribute to the lifelong art of SaberCraft!

    Just completed my first MHS Saber "Warlock" the easy way for the noob that I am.

    NBV4.1 assembly with chassis
    Saber Essentials 28mm speaker
    16mm AV momentary switch
    Tri-Cree R/R/W module
    Warlock gray powder coating

    Hopefully I'm off to a good start...

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    Welcome to the Forums!!
    All n00bs READ these first (PLEASE)!!!:
    1. Forum Guidelines
    2. FJK’s “Down and Dirty” guide to Ohm’s Law

    "Yeah, yeah, I've heard it all before... you want blindingly bright, super loud, running 1138 blinkies off of the cheapest sound card you can find AND you want all of it to run on a battery the size of a dime, and run for a very, VERY long time. That one cracks me up every time..."
    My email:

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    Welcome Coleman!

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