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Thread: Locking Washers for AV Switches

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    Default Locking Washers for AV Switches

    Hello All,

    Does anyone know where to get locking washers that will fit the 12mm and 16mm momentary AV switches that TCSS sells? I am trying to find some for a MHS v1 hilt.

    Thanks in Advance & Happy New Year !!!!

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    If you use a locking washer your switch will likely not be flush.
    If you are worried about it becoming loose try a little blue Locktite.
    I use this in all my final assemblies for screws switches, charge-ports.
    With a little muscle and some heat the parts can be dissembled and
    Are not likely to come apart on their own.
    If you absolutely need a Lock washer you could make your own by splitting
    The appropriate size and bending it slightly.....or try Ace Hardware they have all kinds
    of stuff....

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    Hi K6gad,

    Thanks for the reply
    I am trying to avoid using any type of glue and I don't think it would end well for me if I tried modifying normal washers.
    I managed to find lock washers for 12mm AV switches and I'min the process of testing them out before I provide a link. Still on the hunt for 16mm Lock washers so I will try Ace Hardware and a few other online places and see what happens.

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    it's hardly ideal to buy something just to harvest parts, but the G16 aviation connectors always ship with a locking washer that is the correct size. The connectors are very useful for other things, like chassis disconnects and pixel blade connectors.


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