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Thread: MHS Christmas MK2 - My first saber

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    Default MHS Christmas MK2 - My first saber

    This is the saber I made for my sister for Christmas, and also my first saber.

    - NBv4
    - Tri-Cree RGrB
    - Bass speaker
    - 1x 18650 3.7V 3200mAH
    - Crystal chamber with RGB LED (following the blade colour) to light up a quartz crystal
    - PLI
    - MHSv1 stock parts
    - Custom design 3D printed chassis

    IMG_1960.jpg IMG_1969.jpg IMG_1990.jpg IMG_1992.jpg IMG_1995.jpg IMG_2001.jpg IMG_2007.jpg IMG_2014.jpg IMG_2026.jpg IMG_2034.jpg

    Happy holidays everyone !
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    More photos (post limit):
    IMG_2044.jpg IMG_2070.jpg

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    That is your first saber you ever built? Very nice, lots of features inside, great job! WOW!!!

    "Let the past die."

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    What did you use to power the PLI?

    "Let the past die."

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    I’m first saber was a solid piece of aluminum... pretty on the outside ...solid on the inside...Lol.
    If this is your first or 100th it looks great!

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    Thanks !

    I ran out of time to make a more elaborate design on the outside (finished it on Christmas eve lol), but the inside turned out exactly how I wanted it. It's a lot bigger and heavier than the training sabers we use at the dueling club though, but it added to the realistic effect.

    The PLI is wired directly to the 18650 battery (powered on when pulling the kill key from the pommel), it's the standalone one sold by TCSS.

    Some assembly shots:

    IMG_20180903_143516.jpg IMG_20180903_143918.jpg IMG_20180906_182742.jpg IMG_20180927_141801.jpg IMG_20181001_090429.jpg IMG_20181204_113623.jpg IMG_20181204_121230.jpg IMG_20181204_121240.jpg

    What probably took the longest (apart from designing the chassis) was the crystal chamber radiator, made out of an old hard drive (I also used its stator as a blade plug). It gives a mirror effect that makes the crystal visible from almost all angles, which is nice.

    Also visible are the brass tubes through which the cables run from the top section (blade LEDs + activation switch) to the bottom chassis (rest of the electronics).
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    Wiring of the upper section (Activation switch and its LED + RGrB Tri-Cree):
    IMG_20181203_140941.jpg IMG_20181203_141124.jpg IMG_20181203_161227.jpg IMG_20181203_163644.jpg

    And the lower section:
    IMG_20181214_121742.jpg IMG_20181214_145631.jpg IMG_20181214_173050__01.jpg IMG_20181219_140137.jpg

    I've built small guitar effect pedals in the past, but I have to admit that a saber beats it in terms of cram-fu !
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Awesome work!

    I like the exposed resistors as part of the design.

    I also suggest you keep the reader head from the hard drive, especially if it is a multi-platter. (RotS Darth reveal)

    It's almost sad how much technology gets discarded.

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    Very nice! I wish my first (and only so far) build was that good. My internals need serious work if I ever get around to it.


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