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Thread: NBv4 Switch Command Response

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    Question NBv4 Switch Command Response

    I've recently finished wiring up my Nano Biscotte board to my saber, and all is working well. I just wanted to ask if there was any way to edit the response time of the switch. When I press the button, it comes out of deep sleep, but requires me to wait a few seconds to make the switch work properly. However, I have usually already pressed the switch as this point, meaning I have to give it a good 3 seconds and then push hard-ish on it for it to turn off. Can I change the amount of time it takes for presses to be recognized, in order to prevent this?
    Note: I have read the manual, but the technical terms in it sometimes confuse me, so I may be lost in the technical talk of it all to see the answer.

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    Try putting on a very short boot sound. The switch should function immediately after that sound plays.
    Play around with that and see if it helps.


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