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Thread: Royal blue x2, Deep red: Resistor

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    Default Royal blue x2, Deep red: Resistor

    So, I wanted to make a nice purple with two royal blues and a deep red on a tri cree from TCSS. The saber has a buckpuck with 7.4v. What resistor would be recommended to put on the red to make this purple?

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    You would need a buck puck for each LED. They are constant current devices intended to be run without a resistor. With a 7.4v battery you can try running the blues in series and the buck puck on the red.

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    MadCow (Rob Petkau) has a nice demo on how to do this. You will need a power source and a blade. He basically swaps out the resistors one by one attaching them by clips to the power source and led until he gets the shade he likes. Then I would recommend making some notes so you can duplicate your favorite color(s).


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