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Thread: NBV4 fried amp - static after replacement

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    Default NBV4 fried amp - static after replacement

    So, I've got a NBV4. Don't remember how it happened, but there was an issue that happened with both the LED IC and audio IC. Got the correct IC part numbers from Erv, and I replaced them. LED works fine, and the audio amp legs look to have solid connections AFAIK. The sound is somewhat staticy (not during the boot-up sound, for some reason.) I've tried different speakers with the same result. Wiring is spot on, no joined connections, nothing I can tell. Is there another IC on the board I should look at that deals with sound? Or should I just redo the audio amp? Or is there possibly something further with the board? Kinda baffled at the moment.

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    Battery low or not a large enough resistor on LED.. see if it has static when the LED is not attached.
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    No led attached yet, and battery is full, verified with multimeter. One thing I might try is to hook up the memory card to my other saber and test sound. If all else fails, I'll reinstall the audio amp.

    Still, any input is appreciated. This is driving me nuts lol.


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