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    I have just purchased the Korbanth MPP 2.0 empty hilt to convert into a full LED white on clash ROTJ version. I have never built a saber before but am looking forward to the challenge but I need some help with the parts I need to start.

    So far I have identified the following that I need.

    MPP 2.0 Chassis

    .875 OD sink module with center hole

    7.4v Li-ion battery 2600mAh 18650

    2W 28mm Bass Speaker

    Nano Biscotte Sound Module V4

    18deg Tri-Rebel/Cree Star Lens

    Custom Tri-Cree LED modified for the OD sink

    Star thermal tape pad

    Are these the correct parts to build a complete saber? Am I missing anything I need to add to this list? Also what recharge port is best for this model/chassis?

    Any help and feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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