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Thread: Confused about selecting battery pack for a rechargeable port

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    Default Confused about selecting battery pack for a rechargeable port

    Hello everyone,

    I was planning my internals for my first self-lightsaber build. I have a Crystal Focus v9 board and I want to include an MWS recharge port in the build ( I know the instructions for the crystal focus board indicate that I will need two Li-ion cells (either 18650 or 14500) for my batteries. The part I cannot seem to find explanation on is which battery packs from TCSS would work with this setup. Some of the 7.4V battery packs are not labeled as rechargeable packs (for instance these: whereas below there are a few choices for 3.7V packs marked as rechargeable (such as this
    Can I use the 7.4v 18650 pack sold on TCSS for this purpose even though it is not labeled as rechargeable? I apologize if this sounds like a strange question, but this is my first time attempting this setup and I could not find an answer to the question from existing posts. Thank you for your time.


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    Yes, the one you linked can be used.
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