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    Sanji - "Tribute"

    This saber was built as to both challenge to myself and a tribute to one of my saber idols and more recently someone I consider a friend, the one and only Todd Johnson of Darth Alice Sabers. His slim, katana gripped sabers have always been favorites of mine so I wanted to attempt it myself.

    I am very pleased with the result, and have an even greater respect or the level of mastery displayed by Todd in every saber he creates.

    I've added a Tsuba cut from plated aluminum which is held tight with mosaic mechanical pin. This saber is long, slim and feels fantastic to swing around. Especially with the extra gratification of SmoothSwing from the Proffie that sits inside.


    Fully custom machined hilt and crystal chamber from 6061 aluminum.
    Custom machined delrin chassis with removable keystone 18650 battery sled and 22mm Veco 3W speaker (very loud)
    Proffie board with custom blade effects and font pairings
    WSO custom 32" Neopixel blade with parabolic tip

    I will also be making a custom Neopixel blade plug, not yet pictured.

    Quick Vid of the different blade styles

    Thanks and MTFBWY
    wsoFB by Nathan Barnes, on Flickr

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    You never cease to amaze me. Usually other katana and tsuba sabers usually don't impress me. I love how that tsuba part is shiny, contrasting to the rest. The weathering looks very realistic too.

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    Thank you Seth
    wsoFB by Nathan Barnes, on Flickr

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    That’s really sweet dude! I’m never disappointed seeing your work.

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    Thanks bud. This is one i wish i could pass around. It feels so unique in the hand compared to any other saber ive done.
    wsoFB by Nathan Barnes, on Flickr


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