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Thread: Aluma stick V2..

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    Default Aluma stick V2..

    i took it it for a test drive today with a blank poly-carb blade .. its bloody tough, i could probably play baseball with it . .. has any one had wire break problems with strand wire? .. im thinking of using telephone wire from now on .. solid core 22g awg . at any rate the blade stays in the hilt and would be an awesome walking stick. or baseball-bat.. 46522789_2201849850054533_7541573593767870464_n.jpg46958047_2201849833387868_6871099177040871424_n.jpg46742245_2201849813387870_7658359544162025472_n.jpg

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    That looks amazing!

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    Love the copper color!
    The thing with sharp objects inside....enough slack so vibration and shock wont stress the solder joints...imho
    Thicker doesn’t get you anywhere other than lower resistance and more headache stuffing it into the hilt. Again imho...

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    V2 aluma stick is done, started wiring tonight ... its been a road , of experiments. hope you like it cause this baby is going to be for sale .. with a cool box . V2.jpgV2 a.jpgV2b.jpg

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    It’s pretty dang cool Voodoo!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jediseth View Post
    It’s pretty dang cool Voodoo!
    i thought it was wait till the next one .....

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    got to thank the custom saber shop for some of the guts of my grand experiment .... i bite my nails when i order from Canada though . much!!!!!!!?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Voodoo child View Post
    i thought it was wait till the next one .....
    Lol, no. That’s how I feel sometimes too. It really looks nice, the colors are nice and very unique also.

    I think a saber all copper would be cool.
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    Done V2, it was ..... well heres a youtube vid not much of a talky kind of person ...

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    Love that look!


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