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Thread: Hi from Orange County, CA

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    Default Hi from Orange County, CA

    I’ve been on the scene since early late 2015 with a SF Prodigal Son Hero tier as my gateway saber. Mostly I’ve been on TRA, the RPF, and more recently various FB pages as it just simpler to access via mobile devices.

    I’ve since sold the SF PS but managed to build up a Graflex 2.0, MPP 2.0 with a custom CC, and had SCSS install a CF8 in a SH Luke v2. I then managed to finish a static ANH Solo DL44 before life got busy. So for now, I have static, untouched Romans MK1, vintage Graflex, TGS Gen2 Graflex, KR/OR Luke Hero, and a KR/OR Thermal Detonator.

    TCSS has been my go to for parts and electronics from day one.

    Edit: BTW, I posted this in the gallery but you can find some of my collection in the links below.

    Luke ROTJ v2

    Luke Graflex 2.0

    Vader MPP 2.0

    Solo DL44 Hero Blaster

    Custom Crystal Chamber

    Mini Maz Box

    Obi MK1 - Rudy CC Spring Reveal

    Thermal Detonator

    Graflex: TGS Gen2 vs Vintage
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    That's one crazy cool collection you got there! Welcome to the forum!

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