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Thread: Neopixel Flash on clash control

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Tilmon View Post
    Yes to both JBKuma's Mad Scientist and SA2CC. I have no idea why the localized clash got pushed to implementation. There are a lot of better ideas out there.
    It's there for people like me. I'm a big fan of it, in the movies it wasn't the entire blade that lit up in a clash. Everyone to their own taste I suppose.

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    The argument against is that when the effect isn't in the same location as the contact it looks worse, not better. In FX-SaberOS we use a random location for the blaster block effect, the same effect could easily be applied to the clash with a more specific area where the effect would occur.

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    QUOTE=SA22C;276814]The Teensy/Proffie saber board has localized clash functionality.

    Here's an example from the style builder:

    By default, the localized clash happens in the middle 1/2 of the blade, but randomized within that section. The clash itself can be a single colour or an effect, built by combining styles and colours.

    Here's another example that combines white and red in a random flicker effect for clashes, lockups, drags and blasts. In addition, a simple audio-based flicker is added to the main blade colour so the blade flickers in time to the hum.[/QUOTE]

    What are these links? It takes me to a builder I know nothing about.
    I've now purchased a saber with teensy and opensource. I'm waiting on some batteries. I'm unfamiliar with how to use the opensource to obtain or share settings to make effects.
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