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Thread: WIP -Fett263's Proffieboard Kylo CG 2.0 Neopixel (Pic Heavy)

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    Calling this style The Pull to the Darkness

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    Last night I had my first event with this saber, it went awesome, everyone loved the effects. I'm also very proud to report the dual 21700s were invaluable. We did the Carolina Hurricanes Star Wars night and I was posing for pics for close to an hour 30, the first battery lasted past the first hour and might have gone longer, but during a very brief lull I quickly toggled to the second battery to be safe. I wouldn't have had time to swap batteries in the situation so the toggle switch was great. I need to do a full test for exact run time but I was expecting the first battery to start going at the first hour mark but it was still kicking and there was no let up. I'm trying to get some pics from the event but I was super happy and excited with how it ran and how it looked in person and in pics.

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    Smoothswing demos

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