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    Hello,i a new and i want to craft my first saber, i want it to beDouble Bladed Lightsaber but i dont know how to bulid it,i want white LED too,can someone send me tutorial how to craft it? (From step to step) thanks

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    Definitely start here:

    The Madcow tutorials are how many of us got our start in the hobby. However, there's not going to be any "tutorial" on how to make the exact lightsaber you're wanting. You'll have to research, read, and plan out how you're going to do it and it's going to take some commitment. Watching the YouTube videos will give you a good idea of whether or not this hobby is something you want to get into.

    If you just want a lightsaber but don't want to have to learn to build one yourself, I'd recommend reaching out to one of the many reputable sabersmiths on one of the lightsaber forums and have one commissioned. This forum in particular is more targeted at those who plan on building and wiring up their own.

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