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Thread: RGBB LEDENGIN Wiring to Nano Biscotte v4: SOS

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    Question RGBB LEDENGIN Wiring to Nano Biscotte v4: SOS

    Good Day TCSS,

    Asking if anyone here has done a custom build using an RGB LEDENGIN LED wired to a Nano Biscotte v4?

    Preferably a diagram that allows for color configuration along with sound font changes.

    My Current LEDENGIN is an RGBB.


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    The wiring is exactly the same as if you were using a Tri-Cree (see manual for the schematic), except that you could/would only use one of the Blues. LEDEngins aren’t widely used anymore, because there are more “efficient” options out there these days.
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    Thanks Admin.

    Sadly Tri-cree's aren't available in Manila and Ledengin is my most accessible option at this point in time. But this is a huge help.


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