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Thread: Work in progress...”Gemini” matched pair

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    Default Work in progress...”Gemini” matched pair

    This is a matched pair based on the MHS V1 hilt system. Inner chassis is my design and is 6” from front to back. I will post more pics in the gallery when they are done....
    The blade holder is pinned to the LED heatsink with 2 440 screws so the handle can be screwed off.
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    BTW......Does anyone know how deeply the longitudinal flutes on the MHS extension ...DF6F...can be cut on a lathe before it compromises the structure? I am considering using a round cutter to create a large knurled section. I am concerned that if I cut the grooves too deep the shell will be too thin to absorb any impacts and could bend.....

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    More progress...working on the shroud design.
    I use a 1.5”wood dowel inside the sleeve material.
    This way I can clamp it in my mill vise and not distort it.
    The wood is sacrificial it just makes a mess!

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    Nice. Good idea on the dowel. I need a mill.

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