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Thread: Work in progress...”Gemini” matched pair

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    Default Work in progress...”Gemini” matched pair

    This is a matched pair based on the MHS V1 hilt system. Inner chassis is my design and is 6” from front to back. I will post more pics in the gallery when they are done....
    The blade holder is pinned to the LED heatsink with 2 440 screws so the handle can be screwed off.
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    BTW......Does anyone know how deeply the longitudinal flutes on the MHS extension ...DF6F...can be cut on a lathe before it compromises the structure? I am considering using a round cutter to create a large knurled section. I am concerned that if I cut the grooves too deep the shell will be too thin to absorb any impacts and could bend.....

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    More progress...working on the shroud design.
    I use a 1.5”wood dowel inside the sleeve material.
    This way I can clamp it in my mill vise and not distort it.
    The wood is sacrificial it just makes a mess!

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    Nice. Good idea on the dowel. I need a mill.

    "Let the past die."

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    Made some progress on the pair of Sabers, finally....I got sidetracked by several other projects. After wiring up the first I’m not sure this is such a great chassis design. The Spark 3 chip is easy enough to wire up and does not require resistors for the main LEDs. There is not much room in the switch and charge port area. If I were to do it again I would leave the CP out of the design because the outer hilt can be removed easily for and learn. Next step is attaching the shroud and then final paint or not....29AB1960-839D-4558-B417-10F4F3BBCF69.jpg68BF7F91-47D6-4575-9B19-752774A152B0.jpg88CD98CE-149B-4E6D-8161-947E1B3F7AD5.jpgC85B2962-513D-4060-8801-364B161C2374.jpgE9DC3184-8C92-430A-85CC-290CEDAF1293.jpgC2828FFC-B065-4FF2-8683-3DFC3E429E7C.jpg5D34E5CD-73B4-4CB1-A316-A1FD38D11134.jpg8DB909A7-443C-434A-BCA7-E406005E36FA.jpg

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    It’s looking very nice K6gad! Very cool design.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jediseth View Post
    It’s looking very nice K6gad! Very cool design.

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