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    I've done a few conversions and custom sabers successfully, but lately I've had odd luck (did a LS6 with a NBV4 that I wound up having to replace a couple IC's on, lots of weird/fun issues lol). The PCB has 1-5 pads, and VDD, standard. I bridged 1-5 and connected that to the negative led terminal, and wired the positive led terminal to the vdd pad. Works like it should, but when off, the led is slightly on still. When the battery is disconnected, it takes a couple seconds for power to drain. Tried different batteries, led's, wires, cleaned everything and re-tinned the pads, and everything on the reverse side of the board seems fine. I'm tearing my hair out. Everything ROTJ saber I do gives me issues, nothing else. It would figure that Luke's ROTJ is my favorite, yet gives the most issues haha. Ideas?
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    nvm, I got it. I'll post up pics in case anyone else needs them!


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