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Thread: LED wiring issue

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    Default LED wiring issue

    I can get my Tri-Cree RGD to illuminate when applying power to any/all of the dies with the optic assembly out of the hilt, but when I've wired up the entire system I'm only getting a quiet sound from the soundboard and no LED illumination.

    Tri-Cree RGB led in MHS V4 flat heat sink, appropriately resistored
    Pico Crumble Dark
    illuminated momentary switch, appropriately resistored
    3w 22mm speaker
    3.7V 18650 li-ion cell
    This is in a US dark prophecy v3 hilt

    Is it possible that I'm shorting out through the LED -> heat sink module -> metal hilt? Is this a problem other people have had? I've tried using a cut piece of T8 tubing to try and insulate, but that didn't solve the problem and I'm not sure I was able to completely isolate the heat sink module from the hilt.

    Thanks for your help!

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    Pictures would help.
    First thing is to check you have a full charge on your battery. Next is just to go through each wire joint and carefully inspect your solder joints to make sure you have no strays, a single strand off one of your wires could be the culprit. The biggest thing I do is test, as I go along, usually after every single solder joint. It's a little bit of a pain, but I'm able to find any mistakes pretty easily that way.


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