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Thread: Tri Cree XP2 stunt build

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    Default Tri Cree XP2 stunt build

    So I'm rewiring a piece of cosplay history- a saber I originally built back in 2009. I originally wired the thing with a Seoul P4 LED, which is pretty lame by today's standards. I used a regular latching switch, a 6 wire buck puck, and a 4 AA battery holder.

    I think I'm going to re-use that buck puck, for sure, but almost everything else will be new. I've got a Tri Cree XP2 LED (amber, amber, white), a red latching AV switch, and a resistor (the resistor which shows up on the page with the latching AV switches)
    Now I've got a few questions- first of all, can I use that original battery holder and run a Tri Cree XP2 on 4 AA batteries? Or do I really need L-ion batteries, and if so, what kind?
    Second, how do I wire that AV switch up for a stunt build?
    And last, what's the best way to wire the LED for stunt use? I want to wire all three dies for maximum brightness.

    I eventually want to do a neopixel, but figured that I should cut my teeth on something simple first, and refurbishing a stunt seems to be a good starting place.

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    4 AA batteries don’t have the output to run a setup like that, you’ll need a Li-ion setup. A 3.7V battery should be fine, if you wire everything in parallel. For a stunt build, I don’t know why you’d have a white involved, it’ll just lighten up the ambers.

    The switch part should be put into a line between the battery and before the (-) splits to sever the LEDs. The Red LED, one can go with the (-)’s and the other the (+) wire.
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