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Thread: 7/8" Neo Pixel hilt adaptor on Graflex 2.5

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    Default 7/8" Neo Pixel hilt adaptor on Graflex 2.5

    I've recently gotten a Graflex 2.5 kit and have decided to go the neo pixel route with it. I'm trying to get my shopping list in order and my question would be how to secure the Neo Pixel adaptor in place? Tap a retention screw? Would the plastic (of the holder) be damaged if I do that? Is there a better way? Thanks!

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    I am just using the lower button screw that came with the saber to hold my neopixel connector in place.

    I have a build thread started here:
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    The TCSS adapters are made of Delrin. So long as you don't crank on it, a set screw works just fine. That is what I used on mine. They also make the adapters that can go into the traditional aluminum body LED module for 1" ID, but I don't think they make one for 7/8. I think the only 7/8 option was Delrin. I haven't had any issues out of my Delrin inserts, they hold fine.


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