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Thread: Drilling out Blade Tips?

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    Default Drilling out Blade Tips?

    Hi Everyone,
    I'm building my fist Neo-Pixel and the blade to go with it. I've seen some posts about people drilling out the tip of the blade. (I imagine to get rid of the mirror finish and let light pass through to the tip.) Anyone have any suggestions on what size drill bit to use for this? I have access to a drill press, but I don't want to remove too much material.
    Also, would it make sense to leave one of the Neo-pixels longer so that the tip pixel is actually pointing (slightly) towards the tip?

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    The mirror disk is merely adhesive tape. Pull it off, mark the center of the base of tip. I use a countersink 3/8 bit to start the hole. Then I ream it out with a dremel. I get the tips almost hollow with as uniform as possible thickness. I then let the neopixel strips continue up into the hollowed out blade tip, I do not put one facing the tip. Works great.


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    We will be doing some NP tips soon
    Nice! Thanks Tim!


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