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    I haven't got any advice, because I am seeking the advice. I finally got the Darth Sid hilt from an old TCSS order. The hilt is very small, and the inner diameter is only about 7/8".
    I'm looking for advice in chassis building mostly, as that's what going to hold everything together. I've thought about maybe carving up some remanent blade material into a sort of chassis. It would be a perfect diameter fit...
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    There are places online where you can have a chassis for that particular hilt 3d printed. I won't post a link because this forum is attached to a store, but you can find it by searching on Google or one of the other forums.

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    Thanks for the suggestion, but I don't prefer to work with 3D printed chassis. They're expensive, take a long time to receive, and after a year the material tends to become brittle. I much prefer to make my own chassis from either TCSS chassis discs, battery/speaker holder, or some other DIY method.


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