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Thread: hi from Vancouver island Canada

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    Default hi from Vancouver island Canada

    when i was kid we used to steel fibreglass golf flags from the local golf course and those were our imaginary sabres. i went on to study shotokan kendo .. and latter JKD .. never satisfied .. i used to be an auto mechanic and latter a machinist .. i now work on a ship .. im sort of the go too fix it guy surrounded by people much more educated than i.. .. after watching the Last Jedi .. and seeing anakin's sabre split in two .. whats Ray going to do ?
    I managed to pick up a LS6 gull-wing off ebay for well dirt cheap .. so im having fun creating what i think Rey might try to cobble together .. i would like this sabre to remain in this reveal position and do some combat ... and i would like to hear some suggestions as to how to make it a little more robust ... having a blast putting this together very interesting hobby

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    Welcome! I've only been to Vancouver once, for a wedding. Took a ferry to one of the smaller islands. Beautiful area.

    While I'm not personally a fan of the new episodes, I am on the "Rey should make a double bladed saber out of her staff" ideology.
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    not much of a fan of the new episodes as well.. but i liked the interaction between Rey Ben and Luke. the rest of the movie contained to much fluff ... your probably right about Rey and the double blade.

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    Greetings Voodoo Child,

    I am in Ladysmith! Let me know if you want to chat sometime. The wife gets bored with talking star wars/lightsabers.


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    Welcome, Voodoo Child! That saber looks great.


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