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Thread: Fett263's Graflex neopixel w/ backup battery and dual ignition switch (Proffieboard)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Tilmon View Post
    The Proffie is really amazing. I don't understand why so many are intimidated about configuring it. I have installed 4 of them, working on my 5th right now...DV6. Awesome job Fernando! Now, drill that tip deeper and get your strips further in the tip! 7/8 are tough.

    Thanks Tom,
    Yeah I'm just getting started with it, but it hasn't been terribly difficult. I'm taking it slowly and really just using this build as a learning tool, I'm already planning a new Kylo Crossguard 2.0 with the Proffie but wanted to get my feet wet on a simpler build before moving into the next.

    Great eye, I'm actually testing out a 3D printed blade tip but hadn't been able to see what it looked like until I got the Proffie to fire up.

    Here's a pic with the foam extended into the tip (which is how it was in the video) it did make the tip a little dimmer than the rest of the blade:

    And one without, a little brighter but still get a shadow at the seam:

    I have a traditional blade tip as well I just haven't gotten around to drilling it out yet, but I might just to get a comparison. More to come...
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    Finally got the Proffieboard figured out and finished everything up. There was a learning curve and I needed some help from Proffezzorn and Tom to figure the styles and uploading out but I got the saber set up and ready to go.

    Nothing crazy right now, just some basic styles to learn on, I did play around with a few but am keeping this saber pretty vanilla with variations on the blade to match the various films. I may add more down the line.

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    Awesome. How is the dual battery thing working out?

    "Let the past die."

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    Running great, although I haven't run for long period yet but so far so good.

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    Despite the feelings over on some facebook groups, I love the Graflex 2.5 kit from Korbanth. I have one sitting here next to a Romans Replica. If you're prop AR, I can see your point, but for an everyday Star Wars fan, the Parks/Korbanth Graflex kit is such a great kit. Fun to install, and looks great. Not to mention its pretty darn tough.

    "Let the past die."

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    Totally agree, was really easy to install, especially for a novice like myself. Everyone has their own thresholds for accuracy, this is just a fun, simple saber for my collection and to most people and myself it looks pretty good and the Proffieboard more than lives up to the hype, I've only barely scratched the surface on it and love it already. Definitely more of a learning curve than the Prizm but the support and information made it not so daunting.

    I'm going to put a little video of the switch, etc. together when I get some free time, just for those interested.

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    Video showing battery control and some styles I've been playing with, still testing styles out on Style Editor and learning a bit.

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    This is so cool! I just received my two batteries a few weeks ago and solder this week so looking forward to putting my own together soon.
    "This is where the fun begins"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skywalker View Post
    This is so cool! I just received my two batteries a few weeks ago and solder this week so looking forward to putting my own together soon.
    Cool, yeah it was a fun build and the Proffieboard is great!


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