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Thread: Tri Cree and NV4 in DM staff saber wiring question

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    Default Tri Cree and NV4 in DM staff saber wiring question

    Hello, I drive a truck and between stops and breaks all I can do is look over this site. I've been trying to find an answer to my question but haven't so far. My first build is gonna be a Darth Maul style staff saber. My question is can I run two Tri Crees( DR,DR, W) together off of one NB4 and one 18650 battery. Please don't throw me to the "Beast"!!! I am trying to learn. That is suppose to read NB4 in the title!!!!
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    I don't see why not... with 4 dr's in parallel to channel one, and both w's in parallel to channel two for FoC.

    I just imagine it's gonna eat your batteries like candy. Crees run deepred at 1000Mah each.

    And you won't be able to have one blade independent of the other, for activation or flash on clash.

    Two sets of electronics, while costly, will give you a better runtime and let the blades react separately.
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    Thanks for the reply. I figured if it was possible it would be a battery drain. It is more or less just for a prop in my Star Wars themed movie room. I am making a Darth Maul mannequin and so the lightsaber will just be on very few times at all. Just for curious people. I am going for the red day blades so they will have color when not on. Thanks again for your insight.

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