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Thread: Tri-Cree and Pico Crumble wiring issue

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    Default Tri-Cree and Pico Crumble wiring issue

    I just wired my first build. I'm using a US Dark Prophecy v3 hilt. The soundboard is a Pico Crumble Dark. I'm using a 12mm momentary switch with an accent LED. I'm using an 18650 3.7V single cell in a polycarbonate chassis. I've attached a diagram of my wiring. Whenever I turn on the momentary switch, I get a single quiet squelch and rhythmic ticking from the speaker every 1/2 second. Neither the accent LED in the switch nor the main LED (Tri Cree RGB) will light up despite me testing the wiring for each LED die individually (and all of the dies on the Tri Cree all at once). The Tri Cree is mounted in a heat sink module for 1" ID hilts.

    I assume that this means that it's short circuiting somewhere. The switch is pretty well seated in the hilt and I used heat shrink on all of my solder joints - I don't imagine that there'd be any current traveling through the switch casing that would short things out. Anyone had problems with shorts from current traveling through the LED/heat sink module, or any other thoughts? Any help is much appreciated

    saber wiring.jpg

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    i see you've attached the default pico wiring diagram, are you certain you've actually wired in that configuration? (it's unconventional so some people wire differently almost by muscle memory)

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    Thanks for taking a look! Good question, it's my first build. This is what the physical wiring looks like. Please let me know if you catch anything I've missed.

    saber wiring actual.jpg


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