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Thread: Activation Box as Switch?

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    Default Activation Box as Switch?

    I’m thinking about doing something new for my (ongoing) Kanan Jarrus saber build. Here’s what I’m thinking: rather than just attaching the switch box to the hilt, make the whole box slide up (or down) slightly to function as a switch. A spring, or perhaps rare earth magnets, would snap it back in place after activation. It would push on one of those switches that has a long activation arm, which I could cut or shape as needed. (See photo.) I think I could keep the movement to 1cm. That would eventually cause wear on the saber, but that’s no big deal for me.

    Has anybody tried anything like that?

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    I haven't done this before, but I like this idea. I think if you put a magnet pair at either end it could lock in place well enough. For my tastes the wear would only be a bonus.


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