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Thread: Got the itch again,....... thinking about a Kota style.

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    Default Got the itch again,....... thinking about a Kota style.

    Tinkering at the moment with a Kota design, mixing MHS1 and MHS2 parts. So far I've got:

    MHSV1 Blade Holder Style 12 or maybe 17
    2" Double female threaded connector
    Male MHSv2 to Male MHSv1 Adapter
    5" Double Female - MHS V2 (6" out of stock)
    Male MHSv2 to Female MHSv1 Adapter
    MPS Pommel style 10

    Though I think it'll end up short. So might add a MHS2 double male and another MHS2 extension. Would be under a leather wrap so wouldn't notice the seams.

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    I'm sitting on some MHSv2 parts that I was thinking of doing a combination saber similar to what you are describing. I have the MHSv2 6", 5", 3" and 2-2" extension pieces. I like the idea of being able to combine the v1 and v2 pieces to give the saber some different hilt diameters. Good luck on your build!

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